Lover's Leap Estate Ceylon OP (10 Pyramid Sachets)

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Lover's Leap Estate Ceylon OP (10 Pyramid Sachets)

This tea is from The liquor is bright with excellent flowery flavor and a cup that tends somewhat light. A good after-dinner tea. You can't go wrong with this cup of this Ceylon!  And now it is available in convenient pyramid sachets for a full flavor cup of tea without the mess of loose tea leaves to clean up.

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Lover’s Leap (a western tea estate) is one of the best tea gardens in Sri Lanka. It is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership.  During its peak season (Feb/Mar) this estate’s production is characterized by a delightful flavor that is astringent and lively. The best weather for producing quality tea is highlighted by cool nights, dry weather and bright sunny days. These conditions force the tea bush to expend all its energies into the new growth leaves giving the tea its best flavor. During Feb. and Mar. the cool moisture laden northeast monsoon winds after traveling across the Bay of Bengal hit the island. The winds rise as they cross the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. As the air rises it cools and the moisture condenses giving rise to very wet conditions on the east side of the central divide but dry and cool rain shadow conditions on the western side. Not surprisingly, the western tea estates peak in quality. The top elevations of Lovers Leap very often are in the clouds. Regularly when you are at the peak you look down onto the clouds with brilliant sunshine and blue sky above. Lover’s Leap received it name because situated on the estate is a cliff where lovers would throw themselves over if they were jilted or they were not allowed to marry one another.

10 Pyramid Sachets packaged in stand up, resealable pouch

Ingredients: 100% Ceylon Black Tea

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